Recording studio equipment

Our vision and values

Helping new musicians to grow and thrive.

It all begins with an idea. Musicians deserve to be heard. Orange Hat Radio provides a platform for musicians to grow and thrive, and increase their listener based internationally.

Supporting the music community.

The more Orange Hat Radio learns about the music community, the more it realises the strength of that community. Orange Hat Radio will participate in the values that this community can be proud of.

Providing diversity in music.

We will provide a diverse range of music from around the world, that represents our global listener reach.

Supporting charitable causes and a sustainable environment.

Giving something back to the community is important for any organisation.

We will participate in charitable causes and promote a sustainable environment for all to enjoy now and for future generations. Our charitable direction is to support positive mental health and attitudes. More love, less hate. We do not tolerate cyber-bullying activities.

Providing opportunities for new radio presenters.

Since the inception of Orange Hat Radio, we have provided opportunities to new radio presenters, and will continue to do this.

Sharing in our success.

Your success is our success. We want everyone to share in these successes. We will explore new opportunities to provide a fair and just revenue for musicians.