Competition – Orange Hat Radio



Round 1 
Band/Act with least amount of votes loses. If more than one Band/Act on same amount of votes, then sudden death until a winner.

Round 1 A - Voting closed
1st place - MLau (through to next rounds)
2nd place - The Zeta Plan  (through to next rounds)
3rd place - Storm of Crows  (through to next rounds)
4th place (leaves competition) - Gallagher
Round 1 B - Voting closed
1st place - Honky Fish (through to next rounds)
2nd place - Mia Stegner (through to next rounds)
3rd place - United Alien Nations (through to next rounds)
4th place (leaves competition) - Bulzara 
Round 1 C - Voting closed
1st place - LuisetozA
2nd place - Revivalry
3rd place - StoneyG.420
4th place (leaves competition) - Lacobo-Jomes 
Round 1 D - Voting open
Entry No Ref Band/Act Number of votes
3 R26 Einsam
9 R27 Happenstance  
12 R28 The Delerium Trees
5 R29 The Wraithwood
Round 1 E
Entry No Ref Band/Act Number of votes
14 R31 JC Hill
10 R32 Original Quigley  
11 R33 Lewis Dalgliesh
16 R34 Springfield Elementary
Round 1 F
Entry No Ref Band/Act Number of votes
30 R36 Vela Incident
18 R37 The Randy Spike Conspiracy  
19 R38 Sally Rose
23 R39 Flip Coins
 Round 1 G
Entry No Ref Band/Act Number of votes
 1 R41 The Beafets
13 R42 Chasing Records
22 R43 Killing Stars
Round 1 H
Entry No Ref Band/Act Number of votes
 26 R41 Zeebrax
6 R42 Michael Forsyth
5 R43 The Superlatives
Orange Hat Compilation Album Competition

The Orange Hat compilation competition was open to all unsigned artists worldwide. The competition prize is to feature one track submitted from  successful entrants on a new Orange Hat Compilation Album release which will be published on all major streaming services including Spotify, Apple and YouTube Music. The album will be released, distributed and promoted by the Orange Hat Music label. Winners will receive publicity and a share of the profits from the release. Entries closed on 29 January 2021. Successful entries and voting rounds will be published here after the the entry deadline has passed.

How to win

We will play the confirmed entrants on a dedicated programme, and will run a poll on Twitter where people can vote for their favourite track in competition rounds. The winner of each round will move to the next round until we have found our 12 finalists. 


Confirmed Competition Entries (including Entry Ref)
  1. The Beafets
  2. Storm of Crows
  3. Einsam
  4. Lacobo-Jomes
  5. The Superlatives
  6. Michael Forsyth
  7. Revivalry
  8. Gallagher
  9. Happenstance
  10. Original Quigley
  11. Lewis Dalgliesh
  12. The Delerium Trees
  13. Chasing Records
  14. JC Hill
  15. LuisetozA
  16. Springfield Elementary
  17. StoneyG.420
  18. The Randy Spike Conspiracy
  19. Sally Rose
  20. Mia Stegner
  21. The Zeta Plan
  22. Killing Stars
  23. Flip Coins
  24. United Alien Nations
  25. The Wraithwood
  26. Zeebrax
  27. Bulzara
  28. mLau
  29. Honky Fish
  30. Vela Incident

The competition rules are below:

1. The Orange Hat Compilation Album competition (the 'Competition') is open to all artists/band worldwide.

2. Entrants must be aged 18 or over at the time of entry (the 'Entrant').

3. One track per entry is permitted and entries will only be accepted if submitted using an official entry form and acknowledged by Orange Hat Radio.

4. Tracks submitted will be subject to profanity and decency checks, so please only send clean versions. Entrants must own the copyright/intellectual property of the track being submitted. Rejected tracks will be disqualified from the Competition.

5. Entrants must nominate a lead person on the entry form who is responsible for the Competition entry who is authorised to represent the artist/band. 

6. Orange Hat Music will release a compilation album featuring 12 artists/bands who will constitute the winning entries ('Winners').

7. The Winners authorise Orange Hat Music to include their submitted track in the compilation album on an exclusive licence. 

8. The Winners will receive 1/15th share in the profits by way of royalties from the release, payable to the nominated account provided by the lead contact on the entry form. Royalties will be paid within 14 days of receipt from the distributor. 

9. The Winners agree to be included in any promotion or publicity arising from the Competition gratis. 

10. This Competition may be cancelled or changed at any time.

11. The Winners agree to indemnify Orange Hat Music against any future claims or costs arising from the distribution of royalties resulting from their internal disputes. 

12. The Competition is subject to the law of England and Wales.

13. The Winners are responsible and liable for the payment of any taxes from royalties paid. 

14. Competition entries will close on 29/01/2021 and judges decision is final in all cases.